Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I've once again, disappeared from here
There's a certain freedom in not sharing
I've also stopped posting on other forms of social media as much
I post mostly kid related things so the family that is far away can see what the kids are doing and how they're growing

There are several reasons. I am really tired of the nastiness. I find myself drawn to political debates that are pointless. We've made our decisions and debating them is akin to who can say the worst, rudest thing to each other. I haven't posted anything like that in years but I've become weary of seeing it fill my feed. Going into the election, I really want to be away from it.

But, for me, the biggest reason is simply that I am really busy living my life. I try to take pictures, but I don't seem to get around to posting half of them. I still haven't posted pictures from our birthday party. It was in September.

I am spending my time with a great group of new friends I didn't expect to find. Basically, there's a network of women who share certain values and ideals regarding food, the environment and how we want to live. It's interesting because it's very politically diverse. I am used to Ann Arbor crunchy. But some in this group are crunchy due to a great distrust of the government. Right swinging Libraterians, rather than dirty hippies. 

Every so often a woman will host a class and share a skill. I've learned to make kombucha, wild fermentation, identify wild edibles, and make medicinal salves, teas, and other type potions. I also buy our milk from a farm and many of my groceries from a collective buying group supplied by local farmers. I make my own butter and am about to learn how to make my own cheese. We have an industrial sized shelf of foods we preserved from our garden and a freezer full of veggies. It is a much healthier way to live and I have staved off the major, ICU flare my doctor thought was coming. Not only that, we are eating better for less money than shopping in a grocery store. I can't imagine trying to afford organic, gmo free food at a store. Our garden did so well this year we sold the extras and actually made money from it rather than spent on it.

We are quietly building our dream life without taking a huge risk and giving up stability to see if it works. Chris has invested in his business, adding to the products he can offer. There was a major shake up at his day job, which involved him taking on a lot more responsibility.  Obviously this is a positive thing income wise. But we don't want to become complacent simply because of the financial comfort. We have our idea of the ideal life and we don't want to stop moving in that direction. So I am working on keeping us in a forward motion toward the life we want, while he works extremely hard providing the income. Everything happening now is behind the scenes. I don't expect any big changes in our life until next summer or possibly the summer after. But, I am doing what I need to do.

Life is calm, quiet and healthy. I think I finally got things right. It's not glamorous but it's pretty wonderful.