Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break!

Though it might seem like it
not everything is about my pregnancy
it's just I've had to keep quiet all my emotions, hopes and fears for so long
now that we've finally gone public
I have a lot to say

But day to day life, aside from eating every two hours and
all the unavoidable body/natural things that remind me I am pregnant every moment
My thoughts are more focused on the here and now
the immediate
and last week was all about G

He was on Spring Break
and it was my week
I always feel so lucky to have him with me on vacation weeks
I used to work, a lot and a lot of crazy hours
when G was on Spring Break, I was groggy or running to work
or hectic and could not focus on him
last week was about me and my little guy
which does remind me how lucky I am
to have the time to spend and to have a little boy
he's on the brink of  little boy to teen
and I don't want to miss a second or let things slip by
I could get babysitters when he's with me and do adult type activities
but time passes quickly and I don't want to miss or lose these moments for an adult moment
I could have anytime

G had a doctor appointment that, at the last minute
I was able to get
it was very important and superseded everything else
Otherwise, I considered taking him off on a mini get away
just me and him
but this appointment was too important to wait and schedule later
so we found as many fun things to do at home as we could
We took a trip to the library and ice cream parlor
We had the first bonfire of many
Visited the batting cages, where G quickly realized he was rusty.  But after a little bit, was able to hit pretty well
Enjoyed a late night trip to the theater to watch the new Captain America movie.  It felt a little naughty because it was a school night, so that made it even more fun.  Chris and G surprised me Friday night by running to the store, renting Frozen and buying ingredients for banana splits.  On Sat we played putt putt and Sunday went to a BBQ. 

It was a great week.  I feel so lucky to have the freedom I do to really enjoy this time with him!